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With the support of

the Federal Research Centre

"Computer Science and Control" of

the Russian Academy of Sciences

"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now."
Alan Lakein
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financial planning software

The widest area of the Service usage is the budgeting, although the Service allows to plan the supplies of any scarce resource flexibly and efficiently.


Income is a variable for millions of individuals and companies. It may depend on the volume of sales, market prices, exchange rates and many other factors. However, even on a state level, expenditures are often planned on the basis of point assumptions about the total income. If such assumptions are wrong, the budget is to be altered. The planning results are also presented by exact value ​​for each expense item, although in practice most of the costs can not be predicted accurately. 

budget allocation problem

To address these shortcomings, we have developed innovative computational methods and implemented them in the proposed Service. It has practical importance for:

businessmen and other persons interested in timely and dynamic cost planning

commercial companies

non-profit organizations involved in the planning of their resources

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We do not offer one more accounting program, where planning is often understood as entering expected revenues and addition of expenses with monitoring of the balance.

We offer the progressive tool for distribution of expected resource amount between expense items, which drastically enhances efficiency and flexibility of planning.

effective budget planning

Download installer of the client application (version 1.2)

(the installers are digitally signed, please ignore possible warnings from your browser) 

21 days from the date of registration on the first device - FREE ACCESS to the Service from two of your devices with a maximum of 200 requests

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(the request is execution of the command 'Allocate')

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After the free trial period, you can make payments on subscription basis using the 'My Account' page - only for the periods in which you will actually use the Service

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Prices for individuals (including support and all application updates)

Prices of versions adapted for organizations

(including support and all application updates)

Prices for organizations (including support and all application updates)




[ in development ... ]

Various client applications of this group of Services are addressed to the experts involved in the planning processes of industrial and agricultural production, trade and procurement activities; solving transport problems. At the Services core - innovative algorithms of search for implementable and efficient plans. We complement the classical methods of optimal planning, which have very limited practical applicability.


TIME PLANNING                         

[ in development ... ]

The Service is intended for scheduling with limited resources. At the Service core - innovative algorithms of search for implementable and effective plans in conjunction with the classical methods of the Scheduling theory.

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