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What's it for?

The offered online Services implement unique algorithms that allow to solve resource planning problems flexibly and efficiently. Basic Services are designed for:

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production planning

trade planning

transportation planning

time planning

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online resource planning

Who's it for?

Circles of people using our Services - from individuals and organizations who are interested in more flexible budget planner - to experts on the distribution of corporate and government resources.


Software vendors are invited to use the Services in their own applications.

How does it work?

The concept of our Services is similar to the SaaS (Software as a Service) concept. The difference is that we do not store data of your tasks on our servers and offer special client applications for Microsoft Windows®, Apple Mac OS X® and other operating systems instead of Web applications. The first thing is grounded on reasons of security and privacy; the second - on the fact that stability and performance of Web applications are highly dependent on the browsers, in which they work.


Algorithms for computing are implemented in the server applications (Services), which work on our reliable and high-performance servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You download an installer of client application for a Service you are interested in, and launch it. The installation process is very simple and does not require any special skills.

A client application provides a familiar interface for data input, file operations, etc. Only when you need computations, you click a button, a client application connects to a Service and sends it a request. A Service receives it, makes calculations, instantly sends back the results and closes the connection until the next request.

Each service can be used for free during its trial period - from 10 to 30 days. After that Service will require a payment in reply to the computations request. A client application will propose to open your Account page on our site, or to cancel the request.

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With innovative algorithms implemented in the services, you will be able to solve the resource planning problems 

much more efficiently than using other software.



Resource planning systems, implemented as stand-alone applications, are usually quite expensive. Use of our Services is significantly cheaper. You pay only for that periods, when you actually use a Service.


The cost of each Service includes technical support and all updates of the applications. You just need to go through elementary process of client app installation on your device and registration. The hardware and software of the Service is our concern. (Stand-alone applications often require paid tuning).



If you are user, and you are missing some features in our client application, please contact us.

Our experts can participate in design and development of the customized client applications.


If you produce your own software and want it to use some our Service, please contact us. You can use our Services in any of your applications. 

Online Resource Planning Services

Free trial period, payments and discounts

After a trial period, you can pay for a Service using 'My Account' page on our site. Payments are made on the basis of subscription: for any Service you can choose the period of use (1 month or more) and the number of client devices from which the Service will be used. Later, this number can be expanded.

We offer 10-25% discount if you pay in advance for 6 months, and 20-45% if you pay for a year.


To pay for the Services on the website you can use bank cards and other means supported by the system of online payments PayPal(TM)  or PayU(TM) - depending on your choice. Privacy and security are guaranteed by these companies which use the latest protection technologies. You can also request sending a prepayment invoice by email.



уникальные разработки

и многолетний опыт


With the support of 

the Federal Research Centre

"Computer Science and Control" of

the Russian Academy of Sciences

"Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal"
Japanese proverb
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