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General view of the application


The left side of the application window is occupied by the "tree" for one or more resources which are to be allocated in your task. The resources on the picture are "Money (USD)" and "Experts (persons)". The right side of the window is occupied by the table which contains expense items for the resource selected in the "tree".


Any expense item can be detailed. This means that you create a new table containing the expense items which together constitute the detailed item. The part of the resource allocated to the detailed item will be distributed between the items-details. The detailed items are marked with a "folder" in the table and displayed in the form of folders in the resource "tree". On the picture "Item 1" and "Item 3" are detailed, and in details of "Item 1", in turn, "Item 1.1." and "Item 1.2" have details.

Number of levels in so constructed hierarchy of resource consumption is not limited.


The principle of navigation in the resource "tree" (if there are detailed expense items) is the same as in Windows Explorer. Resource can be considered analogous to the disk, and detailed expense item - a folder on this disk. If you select a resource in the "tree", the table displays expense items in the upper level of the hierarchy; if you select a detailed expense item, the table displays its details.


When the mouse pointer is on the column header, the tip is displayed (as well as for most of the controls in the application window).

Special text colors



Green in the table shows the values ​​calculated by the Service.


Red indicates an error in the data entered. Error message is displayed explicitly, or as a tooltip when the mouse pointer is on the red text.


The blue color indicates a warning: it is either shown explicitly or as a tooltip when the mouse pointer is on the blue text.

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