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Copies the selected data to the clipboard. You can select and copy any range of table cells, multiple ranges (using key Ctrl), or the entire table (you can use the button in the upper left corner of the table), and then paste the data into any spreadsheet (in particular, in the Cost Planning tasks) or a text document.


Inserts data from the Clipboard into the table. The insertion is possible when at least one cell is selected and no multiple cell ranges are selected, or when a cell is being edited. The insertion is possible only in editable cells. Strings that do not represent non-negative numbers, can not be inserted into numeric columns. Zeroes can not be inserted into the 'Priority' column.


The same conditions must be met to "drag & drop" data from other applications.


When pasting numeric values, we check their compliance with the applied precision for the open table: the values are rounded if necessary.

Furthermore, the intervals are checked. If we insert the 'Min. request' value which is more than the 'Max. request', the last value is set equal to the first one. (The same for the values 'Allocate min.', 'Allocate max.'). In turn, if we insert the 'Max. request' value which is less than the 'Min. request', the last value is set equal to the first one. (The same for the values 'Allocate max.', 'Allocate min.').

Set to zero

Resets the selected numerical data in the table (applicable to columns "Min. request", "Max. request", "Allocate min.", "Allocate max.").

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